About me

Ping Cheng
I am a pure Chinese, currently live in Australia with my wife and son ;) Enjoy coding and bring ideas into real life. After a few years on development and tech works, I might decide to put more my focus on DevOps.
Node, TypeScript, JavaScript
Java, ColdFusion
PHP, Laravel, Moodle
Server management, Message Queue
Payment Integration
JavaScript, Vue, React, jQuery
CSS, SASS, TailwindCSS, Styled Components, Bootstrap
Cloud & DevOps
Infrastructure planning and implementing
Horizontal scaling
Serverless, Docker, ECS
CI/CD, GitlabCI, CircleCI
REA Group - PropTrack
Senior Developer / Jul 2022 - Present
Highly involved in digital mortgage areas, seamlessly connecting banks and the valuation industry with modern digital solutions. Contributing to the development of secure, enterprise-level products.

Key Responsibilities:
- Collaborate closely with the lead developer to design system solutions.
- Utilise existing group-wide infrastructure to optimise efficiency and avoid redundancy.
- Take the lead in developing feature slices and efficiently allocate work within the team.
- Provide mentorship to less experienced developers within the team.
REA Group - PropTrack
Developer / Aug 2019 - Jun 2022
Web Developer / Aug 2019 - Sept 2021
Working as a full stack developer. Delivering new features to AroFlo Platform which is an industry leading product in Australia, my current main involves in the platform include but not limited to project management, quotes, invoices, payment integration areas.
Development Lead / Jan 2018 - May 2019
Work with the dev team on two main products. Design and implement IT architecture on the clouding computing platforms (AWS and Aliyun). Deliver stable, rapid responsible and reliable web applications to product's users.
Full Stack Developer / Oct 2016 - Jan 2018
One of the key contributors to the start-up company, and participated in almost every stage of product design, implement and testing. Took responsibilities on full solutions to the technical side such as coding and servers’ setup.
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